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Search Macro Reference

Macro Default Description
opnsense_comment(1) "" Ability to set comments within the App. This is no longer required as of Splunk 8.1 and three back ticks may be used. See Splunk Docs: Adding Comments for more information.
opnsense_summariesonly summariesonly=false Defaults to not using summarized data from the CIM. Set to "true" if using data model acceleration.
opnsense_system_index index=* Update to the specific index being used for the opnsense:system sourcetype created from the System modular input. see OPNsense Add-on: Modular Inputs
opnsense_tstats tstats `opnsense_summariesonly` prestats=true Used by dashboards within this app. Modifying this macro will impact dashboards from loading searches properly.
opnsense_local_ip(1) $ip_field$ IN(,,, Used by dashboards within this app to find local IPs.
opnsense_trunk(2) eval $t_field$=if(mvcount($t_field$)>$t_num$, mvappend(mvindex($t_field$, 0, $t_num$-1), "..Truncated.."), $t_field$) Truncates multivalued fields based off the integer passed to the macro.
opnsense_ctime(1) convert timeformat="%F %T %Z" ctime($utime$) Converts unix timestamp into human readable format.

Last update: September 16, 2022