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Update Search Macros

Recommended Step

To ensure this App functions efficiently, it is important to update a few search macros. Change the following macros to their appropriate values. For more information on the search macros used in this app, see Search Macros Reference.

How to Update Macros

  1. Open the OPNsense app for Splunk.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Advanced Search > Search macros.

    Not seeing any results

    If no results are found, be sure that the "App" context is set to the OPNsense app, owner is set to "Any", and choose "Created in the App" from the remaining drop-down.

  3. Click the macro name to modify.

Update Index Macros

Update the index specific macros to the indexes being used for the OPNsense data. Updating these to the correct values will increase performance of searches.

Macro Default Description Example Value
opnsense_system_index index=* Update to the specific index being used for the opnsense:system sourcetype created from the System modular input. see OPNsense Add-on: Modular Inputs index=netfwsystem

Update this search macro only if you are using DMA. see Configure Data Model Acceleration for more information.


Updating this macro to "true" without first enabling data model acceleration will cause the searches in dashboards to fail or show no results.

Macro Default Description Example Value
opnsense_summariesonly summariesonly=false Defaults to not using summarized data from the CIM. Set to "true" if using data model acceleration. summariesonly=true

Last update: September 16, 2022